Wendy McConnell
Portrayed by: Jali
First Appearance: "Quarter Devil"
Last Appearance: "Grain Wars part 1"

Wendy McConnell is a recurring minor character in Emperor Pigs. She is a politician running for office in Urbis. Her platform consists of monster-friendly affordable health care[1] and abolishing the "Death or Slavery" Act that forces all convicted criminals to either be executed or enslaved[2][3].

Although humans like Jack dislike her anti-slavery stance[3], Fernod is a huge fan of her's. He absolutely gushed over Wendy when she came to put her campaign poster on the Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs bulletin board.[1]

It has been established that Wendy McConnell does well in debates. She has fended off allegations of child neglect in the past[1] and debated with Reverend Jorex Hobbs on Smack Talk Radio.[4]

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