Timmy D Tran

"Woah! Who's that in the freakin' sky?! It's Tim Tran, and oops! Looks like he forgot his parachute again. Ah, Tim. A young voice over talent based in Philadelphia, Tim is well known for his… uh… well, words come out of his mouth. Sometimes coherently, and other times with the grace of a corpse in a riptide. Which actually works in his favor! Well known(ish) for his high energy and vibrant voice that fits the hammiest of characters, Tim brings creativity and color to any project he's in."

He is a voice actress who portrays Some Dude in Emperor Pigs.

Contact Information

Twitter: twitter.com/LooseChangeHero
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKVVmugckVGJ7KOmvgU92yQ

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