Portrayed by: Sarah McManus
First Appearance: "First Day"
Last Appearance: "Grain Wars part 1"

Rove is a main character in Emperor Pigs. A werewolf and employee of Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs, she founded the business alongside Gordon Tsar and Peter.[6]

Rove has a rough, but kind personality. Rove instantly claimed Maggie as one of her own on her first day on the job, able to tell through her scent that the girl was a fellow werewolf[1]. She has taken on a protective role over both Maggie and Peter, keeping her housemate of seven years from harm[2] and teaching the young werewolf how to better control her urges[3]. She also tries to keep her friend and fellow employee Fernod in check, but she isn't always successful.

Rove tries to contain her bloodthirsty nature as a werewolf while in Roachia, but makes no promises outside of it. Her even keel belays a terrible temper that can be roused in an instant should someone rub her the wrong way.[5] Rove claims to use a combination of meditation, special chanting, and hamburgers to keep her werewolf urges in check[4].

Favourite Pizza: Meat Feast

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