Roland Ferris
Portrayed by: Persephone Rose
First Appearance: "Holgar's First Bloodbath"
Last Appearance: "The Block"

Roland Ferris is a minor character in Emperor Pigs. They are a devil and a volunteer curator of Demonology at the Urbis Public Library.[1] Roland is new to Urbis and looking to make friends. Roland is nonbinary, but their pronouns are unknown.

Roland kindly explains to Devon and Jack that male and female exist as equal and opposite extremes on the gender spectrum, and that there are many people who identify as both or neither. Andi really appreciated their help on the matter.[2]

Rove teases Maggie for finding them attractive when they first visit Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs. Not long after that, Roland asks Maggie out on a coffee date, intending to make new friends in a new town.[3]

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