Pimpmaster Arturius

Pimpmaster Arturius and the Glock in the Rock
In Persephone Rose's masterful retelling of a classic Arthurian legend, Arty (a 35-year-old drug addict) sets out on a mission to find a job or risk getting kicked out of his stepfather's house.


Pimpmaster Arturius and the Quest for a Main Ho
After claiming the title, Arty Davis discovers what it truly means to be the Pimpmaster of Cameltoe.


Pimpmaster Arturius and the Lake Bitch
Arty meets the mysterious Lake Bitch.


Christmas is Cameltoe
Pimpmaster Cringles arrives from a rival club up north and threatens to take over Club Round Table from Pimpmaster Arturius in this special holiday poem.

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