Morgana Winston
Portrayed by: Katie Otten
First Appearance: "Activities of a Potentially Unlawful Nature"
Last Appearance: "Looking for Jules"

Morgana Winston is a main character in Mandarwan INN Deep. She is a licensed private investigator with a penchant for violence. She is highly sought after, and so, to narrow her client base during the consultation phase, she she has those applying for her services place a deposit before playing a round of Russian Roulette. The survivor has the honor of hiring her to investigate their case.[1]

The survivor of Winston's most recent round of consultation was none other than Komang Mandarwan. He informs Detective Winston about the murder he was investigating, and enlists her help in tracking down the murderer Jules.[2] The first thing Winston does, however, is track down Darren Braddock, the man who referred Mandarwan to her, and beat the ever-loving hell out of him for keeping her number.[3]

Detective Winston's next move is to strong-arm the hacker Mack into cracking the Fhart driver database, where they find the audio recordings of Domino Sanchez's drives with Jules.[4]

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