Mandarwan INN Deep: Characters

This is a list of all the characters in Mandarwan INN Deep.

Main Protagonist

Komang Mandarwan, played by Persephone Rose

Main Characters

Darren Braddock, played by Grant Patrizio
Morgana Winston, played by Katie Otten
Jules, played by Kassandra Cherry
Domino Sanchez, played by Carlos Ortega Jr.

Minor Characters

Lars Wilson, played by Persephone Rose
Norman Curry, played by Paul Moore
Sandy, played by Kassandra Cherry
Aiden, played by Jonas Fresh
Chief of Police, played by Ken Marsiglia
Fahrt Voice, played by Ariel Marie Highwind
Mack, played by Veronica Pierce
Glenn, played by Carlos Ortega Jr.
Potential #1, played by Ken Marsiglia
Potential #2, played by Carlos Ortega Jr.

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