Lars Wilson
Portrayed by: Persephone Rose
First Appearance: "The Last Prisoner"
Last Appearance: "Activities of a Potentially Unlawful Nature"

Lars Wilson is a minor recurring character in Emperor Pigs. He is the host of the Interdimensional News Network's Evening Broadcast[1] and is often joined by Colleen Carmicheal, his co-host whom he likes very much - maybe too much. Colleen quits her job at INN after he asks her out one too many times and she organizes Colleens United Against - against him, specifically.[3][4] Apparently Lars is insufferable to work with in every universe.

Lars has a typical 1950's news anchor's demeanor, which grows more comical the more dire straights he's placed in as it never falters. Not once. His appearance is apparently monochrome, and the static 1950's background noise follows him like an aura wherever he goes.[5]

Lars has an evil doppleganger from the White Supremacy Universe that antagonizes him. [2]

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