Interdimensional News Network

The Interdimensional News Network, or INN, is one of an infinite number of trans-universal news sources, manifesting differently in each universe according to the local string theory.[1] They are sponsored by many businesses throughout Roachia.

Lars Wilson is the host of the evening news broadcast. He often defers to the time-travelling news correspondent Colleen Carmicheal for the latest scoop.

The INN staff also consists of:
Norman Curry, played by Paul Moore
• Station Director Steven Foilberg, played by Persephone Rose
• INN Engineer, played by Persephone Rose
Komang Mandarwan, played by Persephone Rose
Sandy, played by Kassandra Cherry
• Veronica
• Kevin

The Sponsors of the INN:
Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs[2]
First Bank of Roachia[3]
• The contract killing app Off [4]

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