Holgar's First Bloodbath
Written by: Persephone Rose
Narrated by: Grant Patrizio
Music by: Megan Rose Scott
Art by: Kayla Ott

"We live in trying times. Anti-demon sentiment is at an all time high. Gone are the days when devils could get together on a Sunday night to sacrifice some virgins and crack open a few cold ones. While we have been shunned and despised since our first ancestors arrived here from Hell, today it’s impossible to walk even a single city block without running into a self-proclaimed “hunter.” Living under this threat of constant danger, it has never been more pertinent to hold on to our sense of identity. And more importantly, to pass that along to our spawn.

Holgar’s First Bloodbath is an exciting coming-of-age story for little demons that highlights some of the challenges our modern youth face. Taking place primarily in Hell, it gives us progenitors a nostalgic look back at our ancestral home. The trials of young, mischievous Carin Holgar are sure to surprise and delight your hatchlings as they learn the value of honoring the old ways." — Roland Ferris, Demonologist

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