Ethically Sourced
Written by: Persephone Rose
Narrated by: Persephone Rose

An under-qualified secretary, working for the Alternative Realities Police Department, embarks on a dangerous mission to save an unsuspecting universe from a catastrophe.

Meet Roxana Ellsworth, a delivery woman with dreams of being a Lady Pressed Dairy Gal. All she wants is to live up to her family legacy and make her monthly rent payments. After a long struggle with genetic condition, things finally seem to be looking up for Roxy, until a rough, gruff stranger busts into her place of work…

Meanwhile, Jaguar Travis, a pencil-pushing secretary for the A.R.P.D. who had never once stepped out of his universe in his life, until a recent death in the force puts Jaguar on the front line as the leading expert on an interdimensional crime boss. His first job? Wildflower extraction in UD106.

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