Death Or Slavery Act

Roachia passed a planet-wide "death-or-slavery" act, under which convicted criminals are given the choice of death or a life of unpaid servitude.1 Colloquially, the policy is better known as "Fry or Buy".

"The last inmate, Spencer Gaunt, was one of 147 prisoners allowed to live out their lives as prisoners, thanks to a grandfather clause in the act. To encourage these prisoners to opt in to the new slavery program, some jails offered free trial periods, while others instituted mandatory death match tournaments." — Lars Wilson, INN Report Postal Roach. [S1E0.5] INN Report: The Last Prisoner.” Timestamp, 1:57-2:41.2

Gaunt, 34, claimed religious exemption from both of these, but finally decided to allow himself an execution by firing squad after 8 and a half years years as the last existing prisoner.3

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