Darren Braddock
Portrayed by: Grant Patrizio
First Appearance: "Activities of a Potentially Unlawful Nature"
Last Appearance: "Looking for Jules"

Darren Braddock is a main character in Mandarwan INN Deep. He is a cinematographer - "a scruffy looking character with rather shifty eyes". He was once absolutely obsessed with video blogging, to the point of getting distracted driving charges and constant invasion of privacy lawsuits. He even lost his girlfriend after trying to tape one of their intimate encounters.[1]

Darren was high school friends with Jules, but after getting hold of the evidence proving she had killed Glen, he turned it over to the Interdimensional News Network. He wants to help with the investigation, and has more evidence, but it is trapped on a damaged hard drive. Darren points Mandarwan in the direction of the private detective, Morgana Winston, to help him investigate.[1] He might regret it, however, as Detective Winston's first course of action on taking the case was to beat the ever-loving hell out of him for keeping her number.[2]

Darren had recorded and published on the internet a bunch of videos from his highschool days, documenting the shenanigans he, Jules, and other friends of theirs got into. Once, he and Aiden had wandered the DC rainforest outside of the Smithsonian Castle, looking for Jules because Aiden was convinced that the ṛ̸̡̙͕͠e̸̫̳̍͐̊d̸̞̿͋́a̵̩͕͝c̴̬̦̿t̸̨̩͇͙͌ẹ̵͈̀̑ḏ̴̗͖̩̳͒ mafia had gotten to her. Darren didn't seem to think much of that theory, especially considering he found her not two moments later.[3]

Darren might be involved in more of Jules' outlandish escapades than he lets on.

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