Portrayed by: ToastChi
First Appearance: "The Block"
Last Appearance: "Grain Wars part 1"

Conrad is a recurring minor character in Emperor Pigs. The self-alleged best chef in Rochia, Conrad used to be the head chef for the Chateau de Paigu for ten years before he was arrested and convicted under the charges of Conspiracy against the state, human trafficking, rape and subsequent murder of adult film actress Cassie Tightglove.[1][2]

Due to Rochia's policy of "Fry or Buy", all criminals are either executed or sold into slavery. He came a hair's breadth away from being executed, as no one was looking to buy him due to his dangerous record. However, Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs had been driven into a financial corner, and so bought Conrad on as a cook.[3]

Conrad is incredibly dissatisfied with his life as a slave. There are times when he is happy working his job and times when he would have rather taken the chair, but overall he is bitter about having the right to choose what to do with his life.[4]

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