Portrayed by: Lindz Steindler
First Appearance: "Snicker"
Last Appearance: "Grain Wars part 1"

Robert "Bob" The Bobinator is a recurring minor character in Emperor Pigs. Bob is a human employee of Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs. A disciple of The Protectors, he took it upon himself to act as the establishment's back-door bouncer.[1]

Bob just seems to be a magnet for work place injuries.[3] He's a hard worker, and he means well, but he's always getting hurt or losing body parts. Most amazingly, despite the way he draws trouble, Fernod has never yet attempted to kill him.

In another universe, Bob was the page boy for the legendary werewolf hunter Arthur Von Hulle.[2] In this universe, however, Bob has worked beside two werewolves, Rove and Maggie, and found he likes them very much.[4]

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