Portrayed by: Katie Otten
First Appearance: "Snicker"
Last Appearance: "The Block"

Andi, also known as The Androgyne, is a recurring minor character in Emperor Pigs. They are a nonbinary person who is both male and female, although their pronouns are unknown. Andi is constantly frustrated by peoples' inability to understand or recognize their gender.[1]

Jack and Devon think that Andi is some kind of monster, which frustrates Andi to no end. The men don't judge them for being a monster - they just want to know what kind and what sort of powers they have. The men have a difficult time understanding the whole "both male and female" thing.[2]

Roland Ferris kindly explains to Devon and Jack that male and female exist as equal and opposite extremes on the gender spectrum, and that there are many people who identify as both or neither. Andi really appreciated their help on the matter.[3]

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