Akiko Yasu
Portrayed by: Terra
First Appearance: "First Day"
Last Appearance: "Grain Wars part 1"

Akiko Yasu is a recurring minor character in Emperor Pigs. A human employee of Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs. She came once a week, [1] trying to apply for a job [2], only to get put off for various reasons [3]. Finally, arriving during a lunch rush, a hurried and hassled Gordon Tsar hired her without performing an interview just to handle the workload.[4]

Akiko is a very bright and driven individual. She creates goals for herself and follows through in attaining them, able to handle jobs that other people would buckle under.

When K.T. gets hired on at Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs, its Akiko who takes on her training and shows her what it takes to succeed as a delivery person.[5]

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